SERIES-D Drag Conveyors

The Rapat Series-D is an industrial duty Drag Conveyor designed to handle your specific application.


  • 3PieceTrough_D.jpg 3-Piece Bolted Trough with Bolted Top CoverDesigned to meet the needs of your application. Heavier steel frames and abrasion resistant liners are used, as needed. 
  • ChainSprockets_D.jpg Heavy Duty Welded and Forged Steel Drag Chains and SprocketsAvailable in both mild and stainless steel. A wide variety of drag chains are available to meet our safety factors and to meet the conditions of your application.
  • FlightPaddles_D.jpg Properly Size Flight PaddlesDesigned to meet the volumetric capacity of your application, as well as handle the wear and tear of the application.
  • Bearings_D.jpg Industrial Grade Bearings, Motors, and DrivesBrands can be of the customer’s choice or Rapat will provide our standard offering.
  • ProtectedScrewTakeUp_D.jpg Protected Screw Take-UpA mechanical take-up to remove slack from the chain and maintain tension. Proper selection is based on the application requirements.

More Features

  •  Enmasse_D.jpg En-Masse ChainOne strand of chain with welded steel flights moving a single mass of material at constant speed.
  •  SingleStrand_D.jpg Single Strand ChainA single strand of chain driven with a single sprocket.
  •  DualStrandChain_D.jpg Dual Strand ChainTwo strands of chain driven by two sprockets. Can be used with en-masse, chain belt, live hopper, scavenger or scraper flight drags.
  •  ApronChain_D.jpg Apron ChainA hinged steel belt driven by two sprockets with steel interlocking apron wings on each edge of the belt.
  •  ChainBelt_D.jpg Chain BeltA dual chain driven by two sprockets and connected at each side of a belt.
  •  FlatWire_D.jpg Flat Wire ChainA formed metal mesh belting designed to convey either bulk materials or solid units on the top service of the belt.
  •  LiveHopper_D.jpg Live Hopper ChainA single or dual chain that is designed to pull material from a bulk storage vessel.
  •  Scavenger_D.jpg Scavenger ChainA chain conveyor mounted beneath a belt conveyor that is designed to run at slow speeds to remove fugitive materials from material not contained by the belt conveyor. 
  •  Scraper_D.jpg Scraper ChainA chain conveyor that is designed to convey material at the height of the flight.


  • StandardInlet_D.jpg Standard InletStandard inlet(s) are designed to feed the conveyor with product. Multiple inlets can be added along a drag conveyors length. 
  • ByPassInlets_D.jpg By-Pass InletBy-Pass inlets are an elongated inlet where the material bypasses the return flights to smoothly enter the product flow and reduce product degradation and wear and tear on the chain.
  • Bend_D.jpg Bend SectionA transition designed to make a horizontal to inclined attitude change in any drag conveyor.
  • IntermediateDischarge_D.jpg Intermediate DischargeA manual, electric, or pneumatic gate that is designed to allow for discharge of material at the intermediate sections of a conveyor.
  • SpikeRoller_D.jpg Spike RollerA cogged roller that runs in reverse of the chain direction to control the height of material on the chain.

More Options

  • Custom FinishesRapat belt conveyors are available in a variety of finishes, including: painted mild steel, galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.
  • Wear LinersA material with higher wear properties than carbon steel that is mounted to the conveyor in the material contact areas.
  • Sprocket OptionsA variety of sprocket options are available, including: Solid, Split, and Cast Iron Cogged Pulley
  • Slack Chain SwitchA switch that recognizes slack in a chain and shuts the conveyor off to prevent damage.
  • Plugged Chute SwitchA switch mounted in the discharge that shuts the conveyor off if it becomes plugged with material for any reason.