The Rapat Series-FLX is an industrial duty corrugated sidewall belt conveyor that is capable of moving product at steep angles up to 90 degrees. The corrugated sidewall belting will handle a wide variety of materials in six different configurations. Each conveyor is completely unique and designed to fit the needs of your specific application. Common options include: enclosed frames, structural support trusses, walkways, service platforms, support bents, and belt thumpers.


  • SidewallBelt2.jpg Corrugated Sidewall BeltingCross rigid base belt with sidewalls and cleats specifically designed for each application.
  • CEMAstandardPulleys_FLX.jpg CEMA Standard PulleysThese are readily available for quick replacement.
  • DrivesMotors_FLX.jpg Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Bearings, Drives and MotorsBrands can be of the customer's choice or Rapat will provide our standard offering.
  • SkirtedInlet_FLX.jpg Skirted Inlet AreaLocation where the product transitions onto the conveyor. Skirting is used to properly feed the material onto the belt.
  • ProtectedScrewTakeUp_FLX.jpg Protected Screw Take-Ups To assist in belt tensioning and tracking. A mechanical take-up to remove slack from the belt and maintain proper tension. Proper selection is based on the application requirements.




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  • ChannelFrame_FLX.jpg Channel FrameA structural channel frame can be used when dust control is not a primary concern.  An advantage of our channel frame design is that allows for greater spans between support locations.
  • EnclosedFrame_FLX.jpg Enclosed FrameWhen dust control is a major concern, our enclosed frame design is used to contain emissions and provides the highest level of protection to your product and personnel.  Our standard enclosed frame comes with tool-less top covers and bolt-on bottom covers for easy access to internal components.
  • StructuralSupport_FLX.jpg Structural Support TrussStructural W-beam, welded box and gallery trusses can be used to support a Series-FLX when longer spans between ground supports is required.
  • SupportBents_FLX.jpg Support BentsA structural steel support frame designed and fabricated to support a conveyor at an elevation. These are designed and fabricated to accommodate the elevation and loads of the job site.
  • Walkway_FLX.jpg WalkwaysA platform with a safety handrail that is supported off the side of a conveyor from which a person can walk along the length of a conveyor for maintenance and access. These can be on one or both sides of a conveyor.
  • ServicePlatform_FLX.jpg Service PlatformsA platform for safely accessing and maintaining key areas of a conveyor.
  • ChutesTransitions_FLX.jpg Chutes/Transitions Customized chutes and transitions are designed to move product to and from conveyors to other conveyors and process equipment. These are available with a variety of wear liner options depending on the material being conveyed.
  • PulleysandIdlers_FLX.jpg Mine Duty & Engineered Class Pulleys Mine duty pulleys are heavier duty than standard pulleys for harsh environments. When mine duty pulleys still don’t meet the required belt tensions and durability requirements of an application, pulleys can be engineered to meet those demands.
  • WaterDeluge_FLX.jpg Water Deluge LinesPressurized water lines with diffusers that can be attached to a conveyor to flood the product with water in order to suppress dust and extinguish potential fires. This is a unique option for specific applications.
  • GreaseLines_FLX.jpg Grease LinesAllows for greasing bearings from remote locations.

More Options

  • Custom FinishesRapat belt conveyors are available in a variety of finishes, including: painted mild steel, galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.
  • Belt ThumpersDevices that "thumps" the belt to help release product from the belt and keep it clean
  • Hinged CoversFor easier enclosed conveyor access, hinged top and bottom covers are available.
  • Dust Control Pick-UpsA duct mounted at a transition point(s) to connect a conveyor to a dust collection system.
  • Zero Speed SwitchAn electrical device that alerts the operator if a specific pulley has stopped turning. Can be wired into a plant PLC.
  • Belt Alignment SwitchesElectrical devices that shut off a conveyor or alerts the operator if the conveyor belt becomes misaligned, can be wired into a plant PLC.
  • Emergency Shutoff Switch(es)Electrical device(s) that shuts off a conveyor from any point along the length of the conveyor for operator safety.
  • Plugged Chute SwitchAn electrical device mounted in the discharge hood of a conveyor that shuts the conveyor off if it becomes plugged with material for any reason.