SERIES-L Bucket Elevators

The Rapat Series-L Bucket Elevator is an industrial duty bucket elevator built to handle the toughest industrial applications. Each Series-L is provided with heavy duty boot, trunking, and head discharge sections to fit the needs of your specific application. Common options include: structural support towers with spiral staircases, service platforms, ladder with safety cages, and jib cranes.


  • BootSection_L.jpg Heavy Duty Boot Section with Inlet Designed per application to properly feed the elevator cups and include shaft seals for product containment and screw take-ups for belt tensioning and tracking.
  • InspectionDoors_L.jpg Trunking and Inspection SectionsDoors used to visually inspect operating conditions and provide access for maintenance.
  • HeadSection_L.jpg Heavy Duty Head Sections and Discharge TransitionsOur head sections and discharge transitions are available with a variety of wear liner options.
  • ElevatorCups_L.jpg Industrial Duty Bucket Elevator CupsBucket elevator cups are selected based on the application requirements.
  • Components_L.jpg Heavy-Duty Industrial Grade Pulleys, Bearings, Belting, Drives, and Motors.Brands can be of the customer’s choice or Rapat will provide our standard offering.


  • SupportTowers.jpg Structural Support Towers A structural steel support tower designed for the specific site conditions of each application. Each support tower includes a service platform at the bucket elevator discharge area and most often include spiral staircases for access. Distributor Platforms are also available.
  • HeadSection_L.jpg Head Service PlatformA platform that provides access for maintenance to key areas of the bucket elevator head section and transition locations.
  • DistributorPlatform_L.jpg Distributor PlatformA platform that provides access to a distributor for maintenance.
  • Ladder_L.jpg Ladder with Safety CageFull ladder enclosures for added safety during routine maintenance and operation. Intermediate rest platforms are placed at pre-specified heights to allow personnel to step off ladder and rest, as needed.
  • ChutesTransitions_L.jpg (1) Chutes/Transitions Customized chutes and transitions are designed to move product to and from conveyors to other conveyors and process equipment. These are available with a variety of wear liner options depending on the material being conveyed.
  • MineDutyPulleys_L.jpg Mine Duty & Engineered Class PulleysMine duty pulleys are heavier duty than standard pulleys for harsh environments. When mine duty pulleys still don’t meet the required belt tensions and durability requirements of an application, pulleys can be engineered to meet those demands.
  • JibCrane_L.jpg (1) Jib CraneA service crane can be mount at the head section as a means of raising and lowering tools and components eliminating the need to hire a crane or physical carry these very heavy items up and down stairs or ladders.

More Options

  • Custom Finishes Rapat belt conveyors are available in a variety of finishes, including: painted mild steel, galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.
  • Shovel PocketA pocket at the boot section designed for clean-up and reloading product into the elevator.
  • Dust Control Pick-UpsA duct mounted at a transition point(s) to connect a conveyor to a dust collection system.
  • Zero Speed SwitchAn electrical device that alerts the operator if a specific pulley has stopped turning. Can be wired into a plant PLC.
  • Belt Alignment Switches Electrical devices that shut off a conveyor or alerts the operator if the conveyor belt becomes misaligned, can be wired into a plant PLC.
  • Plugged Chute SwitchAn electrical device mounted in the discharge hood of a conveyor that shuts the conveyor off if it becomes plugged with material for any reason.