SERIES-RV Rotary Valve Distributors

The Rapat Series-RV is an industrial duty Distributor designed to take a single product stream and distribute it to up to 24 discharge locations, as required by your application.


  • RoundBody_RV.jpg Round Body with Support Brackets and Integral Lifting Hooks
  • RemovableInlet_RV.jpg Removable Inlet with Seal
  • InnerSpout.jpg Bearing Supported, Rotating, 52-Degree Inner Spout and Spout Seal
  • ServiceDoor.jpg Hinged Service and Inspection Doors
  • ManualControls_RV.jpg Manual Controls with Positive Locking System


  • ElectronicControlSystem_RV.jpg Electronic Control SystemOur electronic control system can operate multiple distributors, handling up to four incoming spouts. The system can operate independently or be tied into a plant PLC.
  • Main_RV.jpg Flatback BodyA flatback distributor body is used in application where distributing the product in a 180-degree arch is preferred to a full round 360 degree pattern.
  • Inline_RV.jpg Inline ConfigurationA distributor valve that can a single product stream and divert it into a second or third location.

More Options

  • Custom FinishesRapat belt conveyors are available in a variety of finishes, including: painted mild steel, galvanized steel, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel.
  • Dust Control Pick-UpsA duct mounted at a transition point(s) to connect a conveyor to a dust collection system.
  • Inner Spouts/OutletsThe slope of our Inner spout and outlet ducts can be designed with a steeper 60 degree slope to handle products that are not free flowing. Our outlet ducts can also be flanged at 90 degrees and be designed with a square rather than a round spout.
  • Plugged Chute SwitchA device mounted in the discharge duct(s) that shuts off the upsteam equipment if chutes become plugged with material for any reason.
  • Wear LinersA material with higher wear properties than carbon steel that is mounted to the conveyor in the material contact areas. Available liner include AR Steel, Urethane, Ceramic Tile, and Hardened Steel Alloys.